We are inspired by balance, optimisation and the joy of living progressive life.

Our way of understanding well-being is equivalent to enjoying life and taking care of ourself in a holistic way. With that we pursue to elevate ( our ) lifestyle through thoughtfully crafted Hipop beverages and experiences.


In a mindful present, We focus on being able to live to the fullest. In the wishful future, We seek to bring the drive that takes us a notch further. Formulated to take further, Hipop is a culture that seeks to inspire, create value and to be part of your best life. 


We are the change that we seek. Today beverage options are more confusing than ever and not many of them truly support a balanced lifestyle. Those that are sugary are over sweet and those with zero sugar are still sweeter courtesy "artificial sweeteners". Some are not meant for children but are mostly loved by them and some call themself ready to drink but can only be consumed when mixed. Noticing a void, I decided to create HIPOP, with a single motive to make hydration cleaner, more flavorful, healthier & worthwhile to savor and celebrate.

We are inspired by balance, optimization and the joy of living a progressive life, through HIPOP experiences we look towards a wishful future, seeking to bring you a drive that you need to take care of yourself.

Life is too short to worry about getting all the things right... Just enjoy the ride and let us do it for you.

Cheers! Sandy Modgill