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How do I consume HIPOP?

You can sip it straight from a chilled can or over a glass of your choice with a squeezed lime wedge.

Is HIPOP an energy drink?

No, it is caffeine free drink, however our essential vitamins are a source of energy as they aid metabolism.

Can children drink HIPOP?

Yes, HIPOP is an ageless genderless refreshment that can be consumed by anyone.

How is it better from the rest?

HIPOP is a less sugary taste with almost of 1/4th of sugar & calories than a standard soft beverage. In addition to this, I have essential vitamins that are known multiple health benefits.

Does HIPOP have any addedsweetener to the drink?

HIPOP is a flavor forward, clean label drink that contains no artificial sweetener.

How many cans per day arerecommended for consumption?

We recommend 3 cans of your choice per day.

Can it be mixed with spirits?

Yes, you can mix it with fine white spirits of your choice.

What is the recommended servefor mixing?

Pour a 30ml white spirit of your choice, mix it with 250 ml standard serve of HIPOP flavor of your choice and squeeze a lime wedge to give a perfect finish.

Explain the benefits vitaminsthat are there in the drink?

To support a balanced lifestyle, in addition to low calories, we have added a thoughtfully curated blend of essential vitamins premix that’s makes hydration healthier and worthwhile to savor. To know more, please visit “why vitamins” section in the product page.

What is the difference betweensparkling and carbonated drinks?

Sparkling drinks are mildly carbonated. HIPOP has less fizz that the standard carbonated soft beverages.